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Force GT 120 Raid 0

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Do these numbers look correct? Running on an Asus Maximus Extreme with the latest bios on the Intel SATA controller (not marvell) with SATA III cables. Using the Intel RST drivers. Both drivers are on 1.3.3 and freshly secured erased.




I just installed Windows an all the drivers + tweaks that are recommended.

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Thanks. I wasn't sure if the low end scores looked off or if they were ok. I know the high scores of 1GB+ were good. Also not sure if there's some other caching i should be turning on/off. I've done the following:


Disabled SuperFetch/Prefetch/Defrag/System Restore

Removed Page File from the system completely as I have 16GB of memory and should never need the pagefile.

Disabled Indexing


Anything else I should turn on/off for better performance?

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