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no update on rma


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Hi guys.

I had another hx850 go bad on me. computer wouldn't turn on, no motherboard lights, nothing. Tested computer with a different psu and it worked. Tested the hx850 with a paperclip, nothing.


I filled out an RMA and mailed it in accordint to the instructions. It was delivered last Tuesday, 5/8/2012, signed for, and left at loading dock according to UPS tracking.


It's now 5/12/2012 and I haven't recieved an email or anything. Nothing from corsair saying they recieved it, or that they sent out a replacement, nothing.


When I go on the corsair support website and enter in my case number and password, it says at the top-

"Based on the information you have provided, the best thing to do is send us your parts for replacement. "

and then at the bottom of the same page-

"Your RMA has already been processed and/or shipped. Please click here to start a new ticket instead of resubmitting this one."


Is this normal to have no communication emails when Corsair recieves rma shipments and/or sends replacement parts?


Would Corsair send out a part without a 'heads up' email or tracking number?


Just concerned as I have a customers computer sitting here that I'm sure they would like to get back soon in working condition.



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I just customer support and they said they received the psu, the new one is on back order, and is schedueled to ship this thursday, and that I should get it next wednesday or so.


I was told that I'll be receiving an email when the box ships with a tracking number.


In my opinion, Corsairs web-based rma stutus checking utility leaves a bit to be desired.

It should get updated with important, revelant information (like rma received and product backordered, and expected and actual shipping date)

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thanks Ramguy. A couple days after i posted, I received a brand new psu. Corsair really does have great customer support and that (along with great warranties) is the main reason I keep buying and reccommending their products.
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