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Hardware playback vs. LEDs M90 profile issue


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I had been having trouble with the LEDs on the side of my M90.


Rather then describe the whole process I will try to keep it simple.


Hardware playback checked LEDs work, only the default profile is avalible (cannot change to other profiles).


Hardware playback unchecked LEDs do not work (last LED setting while hardware playback was checked sticks), changing profiles works.


The LEDs are not a huge issue for me but it is annoying.


Also the M90 doesn't like my old mouse pad, it seems to cause the lift height bug/ error were cursor becomes unresponsive, works fine on the desk though.


I am using the latest firmware.

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The way it is setup is that when you are not in hardware playback, only one LED will light up and will not change when you select profile up and down. It will only do this when you are are in hardware playback mode, and in the manage profile screen you click on the LED and assigned profiles to each LED light.


Also make sure you are using software version 2.12

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