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H80 Noise after time


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Hey, I got a Corsair H80 almost a month ago, and I've noticed that after using the PC for a longer time, the pump starts to make that grinding noise... Now, I've heard a strange noise occasionally (like air bubbles) but that was 30 seconds at most and again, occasionally... mostly stopped or I just dont hear that anymore.


As for the first noise, is it normal for the pump to get louder if its on a long time? Or is this just the problem them seems to crowd this forum? Sorry to make another post, but I am asking more in regards to the unit being on for a longer time. Thanks!

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Could it just be the pump working at max because the temps have hit a certain degrees? I've seen some mention that the pump regulates itself based on the temperature of the liquid. Is there any good way of tracking the pump speed in windows? I'd like to be able to check if the rpm jumps next time this occurs...
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Providing that you have installed your H80 as directed, you can view the "pump speed" of the unit by entering your BIOS, and looking at the fan speed for your "CPU_FAN" Header!!!


If otherwise.???


Ensure that the molex is connected and all pins seated firmly. Connect your H80's tacho lead to your CPU_FAN Header, and ensure you disable any automated fan control for that specific header. The 2 x 120mm fans should then be connected to the headers on the top of the H80 unit itself.


Once done, your "pump speed" should read a constant ~2000rpm, but don't be alarmed to see minor fluctuations up or down.


Dependant upon the "User Profile" you then have selected, setting 1, 2, or 3, the H80's fans will then increase and decrease in speed as required dependant upon temperature and your set choice of user profile.


You can view a more detailed graph for the fan speeds and their profile information here :) :- http://www.corsair.com/media/cms/Blog/H100_buildlog/profile_chart.jpg


As for the noise issues often labelled as a "grinding pump", as you've no doubt read, most H80's don;t suffer from this issue at all!!! A very small minority unfortunately get this issue out of the box, the grinding noise is audible over everything else, and it never goes away. Otherwise, a few others essentially work precisely as intended, and just suffer from the "grinding noise" every now and then!!!


Check your temps ultimately, not just at idle, but at load too!! If you are happy with your H80's performance, and the noise issue is otherwise "intermittent", it'll have to be your call on how bad it is as to whether you request an RMA and exchange your unit.

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