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It that a nightmare or only a bad joke?


I would like to talk about the nice ergonomic.

Or the ultra sensibile LMB and RMB (maybe too much).

Or the absolutely horrible "sniper button" so hard to push compared to the LMB and RMB that your mouse always move ariund (and a sniper button is supposed to be pushed when u need extra precision).


But mouse simply does not work.

Installed drivers, flashed, it still stutter, making it more than useless.

Tried in another pc, without drivers, just plug and play, and the result is that stuttering disappears, but the LMB and RMB does not work.


This mouse is pure garbage, and here in Italy it's hard to get the payment back.

More than angry, because i have the G600 case from corsair and is sweet and perfect.


Dear Corsair, keep making cases, and let mouse to more competent industries...

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I have to agree with the sensitivity of the buttons. Especially the right mouse button on mine, I keep accidently hitting it. It's way too sensitive, I fear after enough use it might just loosen more and get worse.


I'm thinking of returning it at this point. Very disappointed.


The rest of the mouse is great, but that's something pretty fundamental that needs to be right.

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Did both, no results.

I clean up all the previously installed drivers from other mouses, followed all the steps, nothing.

Mouse keeps crazy stuttering and it's useless.

Of course the key bindings does not work as well.

I wonder if i can make a direct RMA to corsair, because at the shop they won't take it back.

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