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AX1200 wiring question.


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I've recently had trouble with my display cutting out or my video card failing to power up at boot. Thus far I've been able to fix the problem by switching around the PCIe cables attached to the card (I have 4 connected to the PSU right now for an SLI setup, but one of the cards is out for RMA). After having to reconnect them again earlier today I noticed the card doesn't want to power up at all unless the two PCIe cables are connected to the PSU in a top/down configuration, as pictured here. Before that I had the cables from the cards mixed up, and was using two that were side by side on the PSU.


So my question is, should the arrangement of the cables on the PSU have any effect on this whatsoever? My instinct tells me no, but it would be nice if the solution were this simple and I didn't have something seriously wrong with my computer. The manual says nothing, so I assume it shouldn't matter.

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