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Issue with SP2200 Speakers


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I've been having intermittent crackling/popping coming from my SP2200 speakers. I have already communicated this to technical support and been issued an RMA number (4619379).


I am based in Australia. I have been instructed by the RMA department to ship my speakers to the Corsair office in Hong Kong so that a replacement set of speakers can be sent to me.


The problem I am having with this request is that the cost of shipping these speakers to Hong Kong will cost about the same amount as going out and getting a new set of SP2200 speakers. I have asked the technical support department via the Corsair webpage last Wednesday whether a solution to this problem can be reached but so far I have had no reply. Could someone look into this for me?


In the meantime, I have contacted the place where I purchased the speakers and they advised that if Corsair couldn't sort this out for me, they would take care of this themselves. However, in order to do this, my current RMA would have to be cancelled. If Corsair cannot provide a solution to the problem above, could you please organise for the RMA to be cancelled.


Of course, I would like to reserve the right to ask for the RMA again if it turns out that the place I bought the speakers from has any trouble with getting a replacement from Corsair.


Thanks for looking into this for me.

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Thanks for your reply.


Unfortunately I can't wait until the RMA cancels itself. If an RMA is in existence and I ask the place I bought from to sort it out at the same time, they won't be able to do anything.


Can't issue two RMAs at once for the same item.

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