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How reliable is the PSU power flip switch?


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Hi all!


I have always been using the switch on the back of the PSU to get the power off (after powering down in OS) so that the PSU should not draw any current from the grid.


I have always been using corsair PSU:s but I have noticed the latest time with for example HX650 when using the flip switch I get sounds like "poff" and "cracks"..


I have already RMA one HX650 due to this fenomena (the PSU died on me). (luckily nothing else in the computer died).


The new one is now acting the same way and when I just started the computer i got a loud "poff"..


In my house I have a IHC system that can also switch on/off the outlets, even if I let the IHC switch the power off in the outlet I get annoying sounds from the PSU.


I think the possibility to really shut the computer of the grid must be possible.


So my question is, is the corsair PSUs having issues with the flip switch and/or when disconnecting the power off the power grid !?


Anyone else noticed this ??


The HX series should be top of the line !?

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Actually AX is top of the line, but I still agree. I assume the sound is that of capacitors discharging or something like that. Mine don't make those sounds, but I never turn them completely off. The switch itself should just break the connection (though I don't know for certain).
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The way ATX works I would not suggest turning off the system this way. You will for sure drain the system battery sooner and will put stress on the voltage regulators on the MB and Video card. But if it keeps happening all we can do is replace the PSU again.
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Today it happened again :( , tried to power the computer on and the power fuses in the building went off :(


PSU stonedead, as soon as I put powercable in and flip switch the fuses goes..


I think this is the third PSU (HX650) that is broken.

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