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Can't boot to Windows after installing Accelerator cache

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After installing the 30GB Corsair Accelerator Cache, I've had nothing but problems. Problems that are persisting even after I removed the SSD from my system.


I have an Asus P5N-D mobo, a WD 500GB HDD, and an external HD. Running Win 7.


Immediately after install, I couldn't boot to Windows - I was obtaining "NTLDR is missing" errors even though XP was never installed on my system... I eventually got Windows to boot by tweaking the Boot priority settings in BIOS and using the Win 7 installation CD. Installed dataplex, restarted - cant' boot to Windows (got the NTLDR is missing error, as well as BOOTMGR not found on other instances.


Rinse repeat - got Windows to boot normally, and got dataplex to work for two full boots (and noticed a significant increase in boot times, from 63 seconds to 25). However, following the last boot, Windows can't even find my HDD anymore. Using the Win 7 CD, Windows repair didn't work (it crashed) and I couldn't restore since no OS could be found. My HDD simply ceased to exist.


Eventually unplugged the SSD, and had the same problem - but booted to Windows by re-tweaking the BIOS boot settings and using the CD to boot. Tried restoring Windows to a time before all this mess - and Restore fails... programs are failing, and some won't even start.


I have no idea why this is happening, and would appreciate any help in a) getting my pc to work normally at its pre-SSD settings; and/or b) getting this SSD cache thing to work properly without causing boot failures



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