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[H100 Push & Pull] Airflow direction's?


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So I've just finished reading the guide compiled by yellowbeard(?) about the H50 mounting and push & pull, i'm confused if i should pull cold air from outside to the inside of the case or should i push it out from the inside?


Right now it's using push & pull (4 fans) and pushing the air out towards the top from the case since it made most sense to me, because warm air travels up.


If someone could enlighten me on this subject i would be very happy, the case i'm using is a Carbide R500 from Corsair and the radiator is mounted on the top!


I might also mention that the airflow is okay and start's from the front then goes up.


Example: ↑↑↑←←←

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The entire point of using outside air for cooling a radiator is that it is almost certain to be cooler than the air inside a PC case. The cooler the air passed over the radiator, the better the cooling of the liquid in the radiator will be, and the better it will cool a CPU.


The temperature of the air inside a PC case depends upon the heat sources within the case, and the amount of ventilation the case has. For example, if a PC had two high end video card in Crossfire/SLI mode, while gaming they would create a larger amount of heat than anything else in the PC, far more than the CPU. If that caused the air in the PC case to be say 35C, then using air of that temp would never be able to cool the CPU any lower than 35C, and the actual minimum CPU temp would be in the low 40's C at best. At the same time, the air outside the PC case could be 25C, so it's obvious the outside air would cool better.


While it is not wrong to use the air within a PC case to cool a radiator, it most likely won't cool the radiator and CPU as well as cooler air outside the PC case. If your case has good ventilation, and the air inside the PC is not much warmer than the outside air, and you are happy with your CPU temps, then your configuration is fine. You might decide that your CPU temps are fine most of the time, and are higher only at certain times, which is fine.


Your case may force you to use the radiator cooled with air inside the case, and if that works well overall, it's fine. The difference between using outside air or air within the case may be small for your PC, so the difference will be insignificant to you.


If an over-clocked CPU could not be cooled enough using the air inside a PC, then that would be a situation that would benefit from using cooler outside air. But one method or another is not right or wrong, just different, and is your choice.

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Thanks guys!


@ parsec


I'm using both crossfire and an overclocked cpu the card's actually get really warm this is why the airflow concern came to my mind in the first place, while i started with using the push & pull pushing air from outside the case obviously the air was cooler but it also created a negative air pressure since there's no way for the air to go when i did it.



Example: ↓↓↓←←←


My question, would it be better to try it this way?


My current temperatures are


CPU: 18-22 Idle 42-44 Load

GPU: 35-37 Idle 65-70 Load (Crossfire)



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Will this do i used one i took a while ago, I don't really have good camera but i'll take a new if it's not.

The white fan's in the top being the bottom part of the push & pull.


Here's one from the top.



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I would set the fans on the H100 to suck air out of the case and the fan directly over the I/O on the back to suck air in the case and the fans in front of your case to suck air inside the case.

So you get something like this:



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Thanks that's just how i use it now, minus the exhaust fan i'll try changing the direction. ^^

Other question, does a temp of 42-44c under 100% load on a 8120 AMD seem normal with this cooler? It's overclocked to 4.5 Ghz

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