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Nova update?


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I have read and searched for a solution, but can't even find a reference to my drive: CSSD-V32GB2.


This is my boot drive on a win7 machine and quite often in the middle of working on the machine it will tell me OS not found. If I turn the machine off, the bios sees the disk again and I'm up and running for an undermined amount of time.


I have downloaded the CorsairLink software which of course fails to update the firmware as it is running on the OS drive. I've booted to an XP disc and now when I attempt to run the CorsairLink.EXE I get a long time out followed by an error message: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application."


This must be an erroneous error as nobody would expect a temporary boot environment to have the .net architecture running in order to flash my firmware, RIGHT!?


I've seen other posters have been given the advice to hard erase their drives, flash and reinstall Windows. That can't be right either, correct? No vendor would put it's customers through those sorts of hoops in order to flash firmware, RIGHT!?


Help me please.



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To keep the forum organized, next time start your own thread with your problem.


It looks like you're running a Nova drive. There are no firmware updates for the Nova series as the original was very stable. If you think you are having problems, might I suggest imaging the drive and RMA the drive. Make sure all your data is backed up. I'm sorry you were having problems.

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Also, please don't try to update the SSD with the firmware updates for other items (e.g. the Force 3 series which this post was made to, or the Link system). It won't work and is not meant for it.
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