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16GB Kit for Asus P5Q3 Motherboard with Q8400 Quad Core CPU


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I am looking for a 16GB kit that will work with my Asus P5Q3 motherboard and Intel Q8400 Quad Core Processor.




I have seen this kit CMX16GX3M4A1333C9 but just want to check it will be OK? I'm not fussed about it running at full speed. I just need 16GB RAM.



Thanks in advance

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I am sorry but none of the modules we are now making will work with that MB. Our current production is using memory IC's that are 512M X 8 memory IC's and that MB will only support a max of 256M X 8 memory IC's.
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Damn! :(:


Do you know anyone else who is still making this type of RAM? The board and processor are great and I'm using it for a VMWare ESXi server. I just need more RAM.


Obviously I don't expect you to list competitors here, but if you do know anyone could you PM me or something please?



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