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H60 Loose Back Plate


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I'm in the process of fitting my first closed loop water cooler, a Corsair H60. I have the backplate fitted to the motherboard as it comes and have the 4 pillar type screws tightened down solid but the backplate feels very loose.


I'm fitting this to an Asus Maximus V Gene for use with a Intel 3770K, is this normal or should I use the 4 washers between the back plate and the motherboard?


Thanks in advance, AStaley.

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I was in the same situation.

I have a Asus Maximus V Gene and the backplate was loose.

I sent a message to AStaleyUK and he kindly confirm that it was ok. And I can confirm it as well now. After fixing the pump, the backplate is no more loose.

No need to install washers.

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