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Force GT Latency

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Just check some reviews of the Force GT SSDs, there are many on the Internet. Latency is not a common spec for SSD, most don't provide that data.


Latency that is ~0.050ms is usually found with SSDs that use Toggle NAND. Latency also depends on the SSD controller, and the SATA interface the SSD is used with. Read and write latency is usually different, so there really is no single number latency spec.

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I use a Highpoint 2720 controller with a pcie 8x controller

As sata3 on X58 chipset is crapy.

Got 3 force GT and 3 intel X25-M

I create 2 raid 0 airway.

The force GT ave a latancy of 0.22ms and the X25-M is at 0.09ms.

X25-m is only sata2 so i expect a litle more from force GT

As for the read and write speed, ther a big deferance.

1475MBs read and 1332MBs write for the force GT

695Mbs read and 255MBs write for X25-M


for the test i use ATTO and Aida64

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