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Hey guys, Thought i'd call upon the help of the Corsair forums as im slightly stuck with something. As mentioned in one of my other posts, (The last of my original release model 600T)


I'm going to be modding my PSU hopefully next week and individually sleeving every cable. However im stuck as to colours as my Build isnt really uniformed in terms of brands on the inside.


Its an AMD system with the RoG CrossHair IV Formula motherboard which is black and red. It utilizes an EVGA GTX 480 from NVidia, who's home colours are green. Corsair memory all in black, the H70 which is black blue and silver (writing and emblem on CPU block)


The case, is of course Corsairs fantastic 600T in black with white LED fans as standard.


i REALLY want to do a two colour braiding scheme. Originally i thought black and orange cables, and either Orange LED strips for the internal lighting or keep the Corsair White thing going on with some white CCFL's.


I really am stuck in terms of colours as after seeing black and orange together, it doesnt really look all that good.


My friend suggested Black and Green sleeving and ive seen a green i like.. its like, BRIGHT FLOURESCENT candy/alien green and looks fantastic...


Please throw in your 'two cents' on this as any, help, thoughts, or advice on doing a mod as big as this would be more than muchly appreciated.


Thanks in advance guys ^.^

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