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1 GB DDR XMS3700 TwinX with ASUS P4C800 Deluxe BIOS / POST problems


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Hi. RAM GUY. Got a problem that is similar to others listed in the forums. Hope you can advise coz I'm not having much success and may well need replacement memory. The Kit. 1gb ddr xms3700 tWINx (2X512MB) installed in an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe mobo. CPU is an Intel Pentium4 3.0e ghz prescott. The symptom. System has been operational for approx a year running XP. I booted up this week and was unable to get into the bios. I get a Bad BIOS checksum, starting BIOS recovery message. I've tried to flash the BIOS, but this process hangs. Other times I simply get no boot / post activity at all. What fix's have I tried? Most of those on the forum. For example, removing all cards, placing just 1 stick of memory in A1 and permutations of the memory stick or sticks in the other memory slots. I've tried another pentium 4 CPU, I've even tried a new ASUS PC4800 deluxe mobo. I have today, tried some different memory, e.g. 2 sticks of Kingston 256k and the system came up correctly and I could get into the bios. I could flash bios and I was then able to reboot into the operating system. It works o.k. I think that I've narrowed it down to the TwinX memory as being the problem. Before I go and ask for an RMA are there tests I should try or settings I should make to determine once and for all that the TwinX memory has a problem? Regards Britadz
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