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Corsair Force 3 90 GB hangs


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Hello today i bought my first SSD.. since i had components from Corsair before and never had any problems i figured i can trust them..

Well today my trust has been ruined and i cannot understand the reson why Corsair gives out untested and useless devices... SSD's are unreliable and i should have trusted the posts around the net.


My configuration is:

XFX 780i 3way sli board

intel q6600 g0

nvidia 460gtx gainward GS

4gb ddr2 800mhz geil ultra


The problems:

first i had issues installing windows 7 on it as it would just hang the installation the board gave random codes as errors finally i made it work installed it and so far only 1 hang at system reboot!

impressive corsair..


second problem is that i cannot transfer files that are bigger i think more than 100mb the transfer just hangs and stays there time remaining: calculating...


nothing happens..


does any 1 have any solutions for this?

my board does not support AHCI mode so im guessing i cannot update firmware

it is a sata2 board



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Most likely, it's the 780i chipset on your motherboard. The Nvidia chipsets have notoriously poor SATA support and drivers and don't do well with the faster SSDs. Unfortunately, this is common and many users mistakenly blame the drive when it's actually the MOBO/SATA controller.
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Thanks yellowbeard i was so angry that day when i had the issues first because in my country the prices are insanly high i paid 180$ for that ssd and i was soooo frustrated that it did not work as i wanted it to i have changed the sata port and it works fine aparently theres more than 1 sata controler on my board however its working now need about 10 seconds to load windows 7 fresh install with skype and all drivers! battlefield 3 level load about 6-7 seconds! The ssd was not the issue it was this crappy nvidia's board!
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