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X79 RAID 0 Corsair Performance Pro: Lost Space?


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I'm using Intel's Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise utility on my X79 motherboard to create a RAID 0 partition with a pair of 256GB Corsair Performance Pros. This is the utility accessed right after POST and is prior to even installing the OS.


Before creating the RAID 0 array, the utility informs me that I have 238.4GB per drive, just about what Corsair advertises. So far so good.


After making the array, the array size is 453.1GB


2x238.4 = 476.8 Can anyone tell me where the 23.xx GB has disappeared to?


Also, is there are Corsair-recommended stripe size when using these in a RAID 0 config for a system disk?


Thanks in advance!

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OK. So apparently the Intel RSTe utility lies. It said that the MAX available space for the RAID 0 array was 453.1GB. However, it will create an array as large as 476.9GB if you enter it in manually. Way to go Intel...


Sorry if I've wasted anyone's time.

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