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HX850W global warranty?


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Hi guys.


I am a bit short of cash at the moment but need to recase my PC into a bigger case due to getting two GTX 480s.


I can afford a case and have got a new board for my PC (S 1366) but a PSU such as the HX 850 would cost me a fortune.


A friend of mine in the USA bought a HX 850 about a year ago and we suspect it may be faulty. We're not sure, so will do some tests today, but if it is faulty would I be able to RMA it from the UK?


He has basically said it's mine if I want it, and I desperately need it, but was wondering if I could do the RMA or ask him to do it there first?


Sorry for being so awkward.



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We do not require a registration on any of our products well most of them. We will go by the purchase invoice so that is why you should have your friend submit the request. He can just use your address for the RMA return.
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