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Force 3 McAfee Endpoint Encryption ~80% loss in performance


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Hi All,


I bought a 120GB Force 3 SSD for my works laptop (HP Eliteboo 8460p), I use it everyday and thought why not!


I installed my works image on the laptop and did a ATTO, all good 500MB/s or so reads with large transfer sizes. (There was mention on some HP websites that some BIOS versions disable SATA3) looks like i'm in luck with those speeds.


My employer requires me to install McAfee Endpoint Encryption. On that goes and i start thinking hmm this is a bit slower at loading. Run ATTO again i get about 100MB/s. I have read this link which says there are known issues.


I then read this post about the Intel Toolbox about the optimizer.


Is there anything out there that might help with this? Has anyone seen performance degradation like this?



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Unfortunately I'm stuck with Endpoint encryption which doesn't seem to make use of the technology and I have to have it installed :mad:


It's a shame their doesn't seem to be a way to trick the drive into performing better, i was wondering if setting the free space to 0 would make a difference, but I can't find a tool to do that

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Upgrading firmware from 1.3.3 to 5.2 gets +4% performance.


To Wired: how does software encryption slows down SSD? I am running HDD side by side and its performance doesn't change 80% after the same encryption. CPU usage is less than 17% while 5K random test. My understanding was that since it is full drive encryption, the SSD drive is 100% full and that is what is killing it?

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