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h70 RMA shipping costs


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I bought a new h70 core less then a week ago. Right out of the box i hear the pump buzzing. I thought it was strangely loud since its was making more noise then 6 120mm and 2 80mm fans on the case. i googled it and see that it seems to be a common problem. I tried all the suggestions i could find like leaving it flat and running it, tapping the tubes and a few other things.

Nothing helped so i filled out the RMA thing.

Very quick response telling me I'd get a replacement. I thought this is great, they are very helpful. I received an email with a link to the address i have been told to send the faulty H70 but its in the Netherlands. Not too far i suppose since I'm in Ireland. But it will cost me 33.50 to post it. The bloody thing only cost €70

Its a bit ridiculous that i have to cover the costs of shipping a faulty item. It's not like i changed my mind and just want to send it back.

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it was bought on line.

there are no good shops here. only Maplin and PC World which have huge mark ups on their prices simply because they can.

id have to pay €120 for something i can get online for €80

That and inside the box the first thing you see is a little red slip saying not to return to the shop with problems and to contact corsair directly.

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