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H70 Mounting Question


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Hey guys,


I'm new to this forum and I just had a simple question about when I mount my H70.


Does it matter which way I mount the cooler? By this I mean If the tubes are coming from the Top of the RAD or the Bottom of the RAD?


I've heard to not have them coming from the top because it will cause the pump to make more noise because of air bubbles.


Is this true?



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I would think the opposite actually...


What matter is that any air in the system should escape from the pump to the radiator, where it can stay. Because of this, you should not mount the radiator lower than the pump, and the radiator should be positioned with the hoses at the bottom, so the air bubble doesn't move up the radiator, into the hoses and towards the pump, but the other way around. That's why I'd think that hoses exiting the pump from the top would be better, because with the hoses at the bottom, the bubble will have to fight the gravity to exit the pump if it ever gets there.

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Can you run the H70 with only one fan?

I dont really feel the need to overclock so its just keeping my i5 2500k cool.


Yes you can, I believe it's just suggested that you use 2 fans for optimal performance.


If you do only use one fan, be sure to make it so the fan is shooting air from outside the case to the inside of the case.

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