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NEED $100,000 in CORSAIR PRODUCTS!! Why NO call??

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To whom this may concern,


This is an avid Corsair Retailer, meaning that I buy/sell ONLY Corsair RAM, SSD's, Watercoolers, and etc whenever possible.


I have been buying them from a fairly shady and unreliable wholesaler but now am at the level where I can purchase them directly if I so wish.


So I decided to put forth the effort to touch out and speak with someone at your company. I am very old school and would like to do it in person but Corsair is a long drive from me.


Over the last 30 days I have left 3 messages with three different retail channel managers. I have left 3 emails with them. I have also used the corsair online channel inquiry form. Still, I have not gotten a SINGLE response. I even have replied on the company facebook many times, only to get nothing but silence.


There is NO excuse for this.


I understand how busy everyone is, and I know what it takes to set-up an account. The last thing I want to do is harass or nag Corsair. Trust me I hate people who pester me for something when I can not do anything.


But really NOT a single response? I will ALWAYS give people the respect they deserve and reply to them, even if it is just to say, "Sorry I can not help you right now, but will help you as soon as possible".


This is total crapola.


I am so turned off by this I am considering turning my company's allegiance over to another brand =(


They have been nagging for my support.


They offered to fly me up to the HQ and meet with me in person. They offered me on-site training and sales instruction. They offered to help me set-up my new workplace and provide me with display models, and casings, and general support.


But I am a FIRM believer in only selling what I believe to be the best and Corsair is that company right now.




Brandon J. Meade



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  • Corsair Employees


I am sorry but we are not really setup for that type of transaction, I have sent an email to the sales manager but normally we will direct you through a distributor like ASI or Tech Data, Ingram Micro, or D&H Distribution.

But I would suggest calling the main number and ask for our customer service and explain the issue with them I am sure they will do their best to help you. The number is listed under contact on the main site.

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Well never-mind, I got a response almost instantly.


Now THIS is the reason I will only sell Corsair products.


Excellent quality parts backed by excellent customer service.


Wish other manufacturers were as savvy as Corsair.




Also, we here at StudioSpeed in San Diego look forward to becoming more active on these forums.

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