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Abit IS7-E2 and 512MB DDR400 kit


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Hello, I am looking into a new computer purchase after several long years and have not been keeping up with the new technology. I have been spending a couple of days trying to take everything in. This is my first foray into Pentium 4 or DDR memory (not to mention I am on a very tight budget). My current plan is to pick up the Abit IS7-E2 motherboard and the Corsair VS512MBKIT400C3 512MB Kit DDR400 PC3200 CAS3 Value Select Memory. I did see a thread that the IS7 and the Value Memory are a good fit. Since this is a relatively new board I will ask just in case. if anyone can save me from going with this setup due to incompatibility problems, or can confirm they really do play well together, I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
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