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H100 without fans?


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Tomorrow im going to install the h100 and going through the manual it says i have to plug in the two fans into the waterblock. Now my question is im planning to run 2 ultra kazes and put on 2 more when it arrives. im going to plug the 4 ultra kazes into my scythe kaze master instead.. Each ultra kaze requires .6a im not sure whats the max supported on the h100 waterblock per channel.


Im wondering if i could run the h100 without any fans plugged into the water block? I know by doing this i would not be able to set the settings on the h100....But the pump will be still operating at 100% all the time right?


I haven't been in the scene for 2 yrs..but i love the hydro series i have the h50 on two machines. wow.. at the ram prices.. i bought 12gb of corsair dom back then cost me about 350.. now its worth about 100. lol


Thank you.

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Well I have never tried other fans as I am happy with Stock Corsair fans. I have push / pull setup and all fans are plugged to pump block. The only grouse I have is H-100 is unable to provide RPM information of all 4 fans. They can provide,however, thro' the Corsair Link Commander which I feel is wee bit expensive for my purpose.


You have to try and see or search this forum for people who have used Scythe Ultra kaze plugged to pump block.


I think it supports 4 Watts per channel, not very sure though.

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Thank you do you know the max power it supports for a fan on each channel


is running 4 oush/pull with scythe ultra kaze too much?


The UK fans can draw about three times the rated power draw of the Corsair fans used with a H100, and using four UK fans could be over the fan controllers limit.


The H100's fan controller is tuned for use with the stock fans, and different fans on the controller may or may not work correctly. That may be more of a problem than the controllers power capability.


I suggest trying two UK fans on the controller, and see if they work OK. Some fans will start and stop, and run erratically on the controller. I think I've seen posts in this forum about UK fans working OK with the controller, but I'm not certain. You could use two on the Corsair controller, and the other two on your manual controller, and adjust the speed of those two manually for optimal cooling, or to quiet them down. I've used UK fans (not on the H100 controller), and they are not quiet at higher speeds.

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