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550d fan locations


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Specs for 550d

Ten available fan mount locations

Six 120mm/140mm fan mount locations

Four 120mm fan mount locations

One 200MM side panel fan mount location

Three 120mm fans included


Im thinking of getting the 550d in a week or two and im trying to figure out which fans i should get. It says on the specs that there are two fan mounts available, and 3 120mm fans are included with the case. So im just wondering what are the locations of each of the 120mm,140mm, and 200mm mount locations for the case.


- also will this fit my H100 in Push Pull? If not, and i were to mount a set of fans outside the case, any suggestions on how would it be mounted?

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The 4 120mm fan locations are two in the front and two attached to the hard drive cages inside the case.


The 6 120mm or 140mm locations are two on the top panel, two on the side panel, one on the back of the case and one on the bottom next to the PSU. If you use a 160mm long PSU you can use a 140mm fan there, if you use a 180mm long PSU you can use a 120mm fan - but if you use a 200mm long PSU you can't use a fan there.


The 200mm fan location is on the side panel, but obviously replaces 2 of the 120/140mm fan locations.


I don't know if you could fit a push/pull up top, but if you removed the 3.5" bays you could probably install one inside the front. You could use adaptors to install your hard drives & SSDs in the 5.25 bays.

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