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K90 wont allow G keys with other keyboard keys


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Another post just under this, sorry.




So I use the keyboard to play mmo's and using a g key will cancel any other input on the keyboard. For example if I'm using W to move forward and hit a g key, macro'd to alt-shift-5, it will cause me to stop moving. Obviously this is a problem.


I've installed the latest software and firmware and attempted to use different modifiers and it doesn't work. My 6 year old g15 works, but the 4 month old k90 doesn't.


Is there a fix?

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Please update us on when you hear something. This essentially makes the keyboard useless for gaming.


If we wanted to stop doing other things to cast a macro we wouldn't need macros anyway. I'm sure there are a few cases where people might use it this way, such as attaching them to bindings in media editing programs where hitting other keys is irrelevant, maybe a caster macro. But if this is the functionality you want then it needs to be an option. Without being able to move/attack/whatever while hitting a macro key to me says the k90 isnt for gaming. Sure its a nice mechanical keyboard, but the g keys are useless in their current state.

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