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can I check and upgrade firmware on my SSDs without destroying my current set up?


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I have just purchased 2 Force 3 90GB drives and plan to install them into 2 different home desktops. One desktop computer is my current (stats listed in my profile), and the other is about to be put together in the next few days. Both of the drives will be used mainly for the OS (Windows 7 64-bit in each case).


The drives I got have part number CSSD-F90GB3-BK, which means they do not have the latest firmware, correct? I read somewhere that "GB3A"-labeled drives will have more up-to-date firmware.


I apologize if my questions will be of entry level--I am new to SSDs and firmware upgrades.


Firstly, does it make sense for me to open each of the two boxes, plug them in one after one to my current motherboard (GA-770TA-UD3) with Windows 7 running on my usual non-SSD drive, and check the firmware versions--and if the versions are low, attempt to update to 1.3.3? Basically prepare the drives for successful OS installs in a few days.


I have read the update instructions carefully, but I am unsure of how it would work if I did not update my drives while they are serving a role of main system drives (since I am running Windows off my current non-SSD HD). I'm under the impression that the update should be done on an SSD as a main system drive after OS installation and prior BIOS check/update. I do have AHCI mode enabled. Would plugging in one of the SSDs and detecting it as a drive in Windows and trying the upgrade utility work? Or do I need to do all those extra steps involving BIOS upgrade and uninstalling drivers first? I'm wary of doing any of those things while I have my OS still running on another drive without issues.


Basically, can I check and upgrade firmware on my SSDs without destroying my current set up? Or should I just wait for my new parts to finish arriving and do the upgrades on a brand new system (for reference, the motherboard for my newer system will be ASRock Z77 Extreme4).

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