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SSD cold-boot and bluescreen problem


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Since a about a week I've been using a Corsair Force CSSD-F80GB2-BRKT-A 80GB which I bought on amazon.


I experienced 2 massive problems.


The first one is that the ssd "dislikes" cold boots, which means it neither starts up nor shows up on the bios when starting the system(does not include restarts which work fine).


It usually takes 5-8 retries until the system boots properly.


The other one seems to be related to the ssd shutting itself down for some obscure reason and therefor crashes my system.


Said system is a slightly modified ASUS m62j which had an additional SATAII slot which I plugged the ssd in.


Before someone starts asking about the general power supply, it's fine and there are no power related problems that could cause the ssd to simply shut down.


I also updated the firmware to the latest available mentioned in the firmware sub forum.


I attached a directX diagnostic for further information.


I'd rather not like to rma this ssd since that used to take ages.


Therefor I hope for a solution that does not require exchanging the ssd.


Note: The DxDiag.txt partially contains German words since the systems language is German, please use google translate or other if necessary.


I also removed the name of the computer.


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I bought the CSSD-F115GB2-BRKT-A 115gb running in a sata2 laptop about a year ago and got the same issues... it is now completely dead (rma) but at first the same symptoms of cold boot not being detected...


In my case, changing the mode in the BIOS from AHCI to IDE fixed the cold boot issue but took a big performance hit (not noticeable in general use but Benchmarks reads dropped from 220MB to 150MB).


After running ok for nearly a year, it suddenly locked up and now does not get detected at all. External docking station on another PC does not work either so its the drive itself.

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