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Lapping an H80


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I can lap the bottom of the cold plate while it's still installed, it'll just be a little cumbersome with the entire unit all together. Lapping my H80 would also viod warranty as well, correct? If so, that's not really a problem for me, seeing that I can just purchase another one for less than $100, and the performance gain would be well worth it.


I previously lapped my older H50 and used it until I got my current H80 without any issues. IMO, the cold plate contact surfaces on all of the Hydro Series Liquid Coolers are begging to be lapped and polished down to an ultra smooth finish for the best thermal conductivity. :)

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Cool, thanks!


I have previous experiences lapping my older H50 and C2Q 9650 CPU, and I learnt from the mistakes I had made. Although the main surfaces were very flat and smooth, I ended up rounding the corners and edges on the both the H50 and the CPU because it would sometimes catch onto the sandpaper and drag it with it, lol. This time around, I'm going to be taping the sandpaper(s) down to prevent this from happening again.

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If you have a small piece of glass to use to tape you sand paper down to works great!


Whoa slow down, Hard to get my head around that sentence but yes you are correct, This is the same method used for making sure a flat gasket surface is dead straight on mostly motorcycle and some car parts before reassembly, Before modern technology & milling & CNC machines came about anyway, Or if you live in the hills still & dont get out much


Sandpaper on a piece of preferably thick glass would be the best way to lap a Cooler or CPU though


For those unaware you can start with around 320 or 400 grit paper (smaller number is rougher & bigger grit) then work your way through to 800 or 1200 which would really be getting extreme, I polish aluminium motorcycle parts using the same method but I generally go to 600 grit then hit the piece on the buffing wheel (DONT HIT YOUR PC PARTS ON THER BUFFING WHEEL) Getting of track but it is the same princicpal, Thought I would share some pics>




Polished aluminium motorcycle tank>


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