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Post your serial numbers with Pump noise/Fan failure/Light failure


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Please post your H100/H80 serial numbers and lets see if a pattern emerges

Details required

1. Model > H100/H80

2. Lot number >

3. Where purchased >

4. Pump noise - Yes/No

5. Fans/Controller work - Yes/No

6. Pump lights off - Yes/No

7. How many RMAs done


Let me start

1.Model > H100

2. Lot number > 11439403 = Nov 2011 43rd week

3. Where purchased > Mumbai,India

4. Pump noise > No

5. Fans/Controller work > No

6. Pump lights off - Yes

7. RMAs - 2

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# of RMAs is irrelevant because the lot number would change between RMAs.


To those wanting to start a flame war - /sigh - no, I'm not saying having to RMA 1+ times is irrelevant, just when combining it with the serial number of only one item.

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