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So I have had the M90 2 days...

And the first day the buttons i assigned to the first half of the 15 macros were 1/2/3/4/5/6so that in game (Heroes of Newearth) i can use my inventory slots.

The second day, it doesnt work in game, if i open up word it works i press buttons walla 123456 (done with mouse) But in game i get nothing what is that and how do i fix it.

Unplugged replugged, made different profiles am using up to date software.

Im about to return it if there is no fix.

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Why does it only work on Hardware Mode...

Well regardless buttons work ingame now.

But im curious to know what the M90 Firmware update was

I did that as well, is it alright should i set the firmware back

Nothing was dated and i just jumped on links on the forums.

What should i do

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Most major games on the market do not officially support the use of macros. Most games have what they call "Fair Play" which they will block any software from giving a user an unfair advantage. They almost view it like you are a hacker. To get around this the macros must be played from hardware, the mouse itself.
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