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GS600 Installation Problem.


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So a little history 1st.


I added a video card to my hp m9402f about 3 years ago and I think I finally over worked the PSU on the tower. I replaced the PSU with a Bestec ATX0300D5WC. Fixed the problem things were good.


Now im in upgrade mode again and added a GTX 560 1gig video card. I knew going in I would need to upgrade the PSU in order to handle the added draw of the new video card so I went and ordered a new GS600 from Amazon.


So continuing on, I installed the new PSU fresh out the box, was conscious of the fact that the new PSU had PCI-E cables just for the video card so I didnt try and attach them to the motherboard :roll:


The issue im having is that when I turn the PSU on, the fan starts for a millisecond and then nothing. At 1st my fear is that there may be a bad contact in the switch. But in testing the PSU by using a jumper on the green wire and one of the black, I am able to get the PSU to turn on unplugged from the computer. But as soon as I plug the 24 pin connecter back into the computer, I get nothing.


I install the old PSU (the bestec) and I have no problems. So im sure its not the pin connection on the computer. But im wondering if there may be a compatibility issue? Or maybe just a short on some of the other wire within the PSU itself that would render the PSU useless when its installed? Any advice would be great. Ill try anything before I go and send it back to amazon for a replacement.


Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at the two different 24 pin connectors. Does your OLD PSU have all 24 spots in the connector filled with a wire. And the new one should be missing one.

Or are they both the same?


I'm wondering if this does not take a different ATX spec'd PSU. ?


Everything i could find does not give the exact ATX spec that your computer is compatible with. If this turns out to be the case you may not be able to upgrade that machine much further.

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They do indeed both have the same 24 pin setup where they are both missing a wire in the same place.


But it looks like the old PSU has an extra wire in two different locations.


There is an extra brown wire with an orange and an extra pink with a red wire.

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