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I have sent my bad memory for RMA and the shipper told me that they were received by Corsair in Taiwan on 10/4/2012 10am GST+8. However, my RMA status is still "Defective parts not yet received" now 12/4/2012 0:30 GST+8. Can you help me check what's going on?

I have contacted customer service since 10/4/2012 but no reply so far.




I have already sent my carrier name and number to customer service to check but no reply so far.


RAM_GUY, can you help telling customer service to read my latest email (subject has this rma number) and they can find out all the information to help them track my shipment...they kept reading the emails sent by me like 5 days ago and ignored all my recent emails.

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I did send our customer service as message for you and asked them to look into this and contact you ASAP. You should hear from them by the end of day to day. Please keep in mind that when packages are received they may not be received in the system and processed for 24-48 hours and there is a 15 Hours time difference for us.
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