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compatibility with gigabyte nforce 2 mobo


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ok i have 2 sticks of corsair memory each 256 mb 2700 DDR i wanted to upgrade to 1 gig and still run dual channel ddr. i flashed my bios many times and had no luck. i started out with a twin pack 2700 platinum XMS which didnt work so i returned it, then i bought some PMI 2700 DDR twin pack and it worked but my system would not load into windows. the corsair is double sided and the pmi is single sided. once i put the pmi in my system it would run fine just with the pmi. then when i try and put my corsair only back in it causes memory errors in windows. so currently im running the PMI. i love my corsair memory and im not sure if there is a problem with it or with my mobo. i want to send it to corsair, to have it tested but im not sure how. i bought the memory at fry's and im not sure if they cover the warranty there.
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