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EVGA Z77 FTW(EATX)+ Obsidian 650D


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But what is this than???


This is P67 FTW (EATX) in Obsidian 650D.

Somebody please answer me to be sure.

P67FTW+650D owners or Z68FTW Owners...

I look on EVGA site P67/Z68/Z77 are same 304.8-263.5

Why nobody from Corsair not answer on simple question.

I want to know what to do.

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I look on that video and pciture and in my case ....holes are on same place.

Never mind if run over some grommets. I can use others and SATA cables will go to the end and around I will move HDD cage close to PSU.

That's it. Only If IB is good everything is clear for me.

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OK. That is same dimension I think. Holes are on same place like on ATX then... fit.

Everything is perfect Obsidian 650D and EVGA Z77FTW and Dominator GT 2133 1.5V for board only Ivy for now is problem.

You have GT... For few days I will buy but I am not still decide AP-15 to paint in black or AP-29 3000RPM on 7V. 3000RPM is to loud but on 7V is perfect.

I think I will try to mod molex on 7V but I am not yet decide GT AP-15 or AP-29 black High Speed.

GT-15 is 3 pin or 4 pin???

You connect on H100 pump and you can reduce speed like on H100 fans???

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Finally Gentle Typhoons AP-15 and Demciflex 200mm round for Obsidian 650D in my hand.



You are so lucky people where online is easy. Every month I will buy some thing from CORSAIR. RAM, COOLER, PSU, SSD, than when change everything I would change fins colour on Dominator GT. But now I wait special chance to buy something from CORSAIR and EVGA. I support both brands. :).

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