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Single-bank, Double-bank? Help please.


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I ordered a pair of XMS TwinX PC-3200 512's from Newegg months ago and installed them into my ASUS P4P800. So I had 1 Gig in Dual channel...great. Well me never leaving good enough alone I just ordered another pack. Package from Newegg looks exactly like the previous one. So I have 2-gigs now, but when I open Asus Probe it says that my new memory is Single-Bank whereas my old was Double-Bank. Does this mean I won't be running in Dual channel anymore? Is there any other problems I should be worried about? My Aquamark 3 score DID drop after installing the RAM even after overclocking my processor from 2.8 to 3.2. Anybody got any advice? Should I return the RAM?
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