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H80 replacement fans, gentle typhoons ?


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The stock fans on the H80 are quite loud and was reading up that a lot of people have replaced them with Scythe Gentle Typhoon's and have noticed a nice decrease in temp and quite a large decrease in noise levels, just looking for more info before i commit :)
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From the reports of other users in this forum, the AP fans will work with the controller, at least to some degree. Other fans may spin up and then down repeatedly, or start and stop, very unpredictable.


The AP fans are very power efficient, and have a very low start up voltage, and the relatively lower RPM versions (the AP-31 @ 5400 RPM!) like the AP 15 may reach full speed below 12V, so run at full speed when the Corsair and other fans would not. The Gentle Typhoon fans are a perfect example of how different fans can be.

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Been looking at the gentle typhoons, which ones did you go for?


They have various models. I was looking at:


Fan Speed: 4250 rpm

Noise Level:44 dBA

Airflow:116.5 CFM = 198 m³/h




Fan Speed: 5400 rpm

Noise Level:50.5 dBA

Airflow:150.1 CFM = 255 m³/h



Also the 29 seems to be quite good too and the noise level is much lower than the other two


Fan Speed: 3,000 rpm

Noise Level:36.5 dBA

Airflow:83.0 CFM = 141 m³/h

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I chose AP-15 for the perfect noise to performance ratio, these fans at 1850RPM push unbelievable amounts of air while remaining very quiet. You can't expect any 3000RPM fan to be quiet no matter what the design is, because just the air being moved will make a noise.
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Me too, AP-15 final decision. After lot of thinking I decide and order Gentle AP-15. First I think AP-29 but it's hard to reduce speed on that fan. And if I can't reduce without controller this is big loud problem.

I will go with 1850RPM full speed AP-15 on CPU connector for H70 for first time and than If change to H100 I will buy again 2xAP-15 and AP-14 for DVD cage that is final decision. Can you imagine 4x AP-15 push-pull on H100(Goodbye Noctua, Megahalems, SilverArrow).

Or if someone can find Gentle Typhoon 2150RPM. That is killer. Still Not too loud and with them on 4X H100.


All fans paint in Mat Black, first with MOTIP plastic primer than MOTIP paint, RAM and Blades.

They will looks good in my full black comp.

Nobody will never say to me Obsidian 650D have bad Airflow.

Obsidian 650D is my first HW life wish and I buy second I am still angy because it's GTX580 Ultra Classified 3GB AIR. I never passed over that because in my countrie(Serbia it's hard to find CORSAIR and EVGA brands for life in all future computers.

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TBH I think there will be no significant difference between 2GTs and 4GTs p/p. These Ap-15s are so strong that even two were keeping the radiator on H100 completely cool in my case, because the pump transfers the heat slower than the fans dissipate it from the radiator.

So if you want to invest in 4 GTs and H100, I'd say it's better to put that money in a water kit, such as EK H30 or XSPC Rasa.

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Well idle with the Noctua NF-F12's i have 28'c idle and thats on an FX 8150 @ 4.60GHZ, awesome fans :)


*EDIT* i have both plugged into the H80 pump and im able to regulate fan speed as with the default corsair fans, for a previous poster ^^

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