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AX1200 Failure, Smoke & Possible Fire?


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I was doing some intensive rendering (all GPUs were under 90% steady load) before the incident happened. I have not had any kind of issues with the PSU in the past two months of owning it, and nothing is overclocked at all.



The incident:


I initially heard an extremely loud pop, the fan started going into overdrive, and then it started pumping out a ridiculously huge plume of smoke out the back of the PSU itself. I'm not sure if there was a fire, but the smell of burning parts was unbearable, and it was leaking some kind of yellow-ish fluid all over the bottom of my case.



- I checked the rest of my components after removing the power supply (after it cooled down), there's no visual damage on any of the monitors or graphics cards, but I can't check if the components will power up since I have no backup PSU. The cables themselves don't appear damaged in any way, and most of the smoke went out the back of the power supply (with the rest going downward outside the case).


- The PSU is still leaking some kind of fluid. The fan blades even have some globules on them. (I do not have any water cooling, so it could not have come from outside the PSU)


- I'm patiently awaiting the RMA response, hopefully it will be handled swiftly, not too worried about it since the damage was (for the most part) isolated inside the PSU itself.



I'm curious how this could have happened; if it is just a faulty PSU or if there are other culprits that could have caused this to happen? I don't want to risk a replacement smoking up the place again. I'm fairly certain that it is sufficient power for my system though, even under load.

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