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Memory issue?


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I am not totally sure if this is the correct part of the Forum to post.


Now as for the issues, I built my computer this past Monday and it's been happening ever since. I was able to install Windows 7 successfully, and then the BSOD'S came. I kept getting "System_Service_Exception". I have run numerous memory tests, all have passed. I have not run memtest yet, as i just discovered this one and will be running it soon. I've run each stick in the same slot on the motherboard. And BSOD'S persisted. It happens after about 1-2hrs, and not even at load because im playing Diablo 2, which is so freaking old. I also updated all my drivers, still happening. Video drivers, were the most up to date. As of right now, I uninstalled the video drivers and am letting it sit to see if it BSOD's again. It even BSOD'S at idle, so thats how i know if this is the issue. I highly doubt it would be the graphics drivers since they worked fine on my previous machine, with no BSODs. All the help would be merrier! Amazon is sending me a replacement set soon.



Also, am not sure if the slots on the mobo are bad, highly doubt it. Mobo has great ratings and no DOA, while this memory version has had many DOA's.




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