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Multiple Problems After Installing Dataplex


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I would like to know whether the Turn hard disk off after 20 minutes option [Control Panel/Power Options] will cause problems with the SSD Accelerator.


Also, must one disable anti-virus software before installing.


I use System Mechanic (iolo.com) regularly to check for errors and I have Carbonite running.


I received and installed an Accelerator on Wednesday. It looked pretty good at first.


On Thursday morning, when I woke up my screen, my problems began [screen and hard disk had been turned off automatically; computer was not asleep or hibernating]. I entered my password and received the Welcome screen with it's spinning Wait icon, but got no further. I eventually had to shut the computer down and reboot.


My computer's power save options are generally set to maximum performance. The computer is set to never sleep or hibernate, but the monitors are turned off after 15 idle minutes and the hard disk is turned off after 20 minutes. The screen saver is set to None; Wait is 10 minutes; and the login screen is displayed upon resume.


Is letting the hard disk be turned off a bad idea now that the Accelerator is installed?


As the day wore on, I had several problems with USB devices:

  • rapid beeping as if there were some error condition (not clear what);
  • flashing of the login screen when I attempted to type my password;
  • non-responsiveness of keyboard and/or mouse;
  • erratic behavior of the scroll bar in some apps [i had to position the cursor slightly to the right of the scroll bar to get it to work].

Some other problems that I observed were:

  • chkdsk ran frequently when booting the computer [which I was doing often because of these problems]; I rarely if ever see problems when chkdsk runs, but over 3-4 runs on Thursday there were 8-10 cases of "Recovering orphaned files"
  • on one occasion, Windows 7 would not run apps like Thunderbird or Process Explorer, complaining they were incompatible with the OS [it appeared to be complaining about a 32-bit vs 64-bit problem].

I finally gave up and uninstalled Dataplex. All of the problems above then went away.


Is there a way to temporarily disable Dataplex? I tried typing D during startup, but Dataplex status still reported "Enabled".


Should I try to install Dataplex again but change to power setting to not turn off the hard drive? Should I disable antivirus [etc] software first?

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I modified my Power Options by setting Turn off hard disk after to Never. I also used a login name with a minimal set of startups and turned those off after starting up [antivirus, Carbonite]. Then I reinstalled Dataplex.


Things ran well until I rebooted. From that point onwards, I experienced several problems:

  • chkdsk ran each time I booted; the only problems found were several instances of Recovering orphaned file; I checked a few of these files and they seemed to be infequently used files that would have been idle during the time I was using Dataplex;
  • Registry Compression also ran at boot time [after chkdsk];
  • Windows 7 would not run Thunderbird, complaining it was incompatible with the OS [it appeared to be complaining about a 32-bit vs 64-bit problem; didn't say which was which]; I have Thunderbird 11.0.1, which resides in Program Files (x86);
  • Windows also made a similar complaint about C:\Windows\System32\atiadxy.dll.


After I uninstalled Dataplex, all of the problems disappeared.

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the has restart issues mainly on amd systems its best you contact nvelo directly they can help tons it took us a week and a half to kill the bug on my system. when i restart my system it (BSOD) now it doesn't. I'm using btw
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Thanks. I contacted nvelo and they were very helpful. I'm now using and it works much better.


I have had a maintenance program running on my system. It's possible that such programs may fight with the cache [especially when running aggressive disk tests] so I've turned it off temporarily to see whether that helps. I don't want to point fingers yet but mention it in case others experience similar difficulties.

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