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Application profile switching bug.


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Hi, using new M90 and M60 mice I've encountered a repeatable issue. I had this issue with a K90 keyboard as well (separate story). I have tracked it and detailed it here for Corsair's consideration and maybe it will help some of you out there.


To recreate and demonstrate I'll use a simple example, not using hardware playback.


Set up second profile and associate it with notepad.exe.

Create any simple macro in that profile, example: type some text.

On the manage profile screen change back to the default profile by double clicking Profile 1.

Open notepad. The onscreen display indicates that the profile switches to the notepad profile, but none of the macros in that profile are functioning.

Open Corsair management and go to the manage profiles screen.

Double click the notepad profile to manually select it in the software.

Return to notepad and the macros now work.


So when trying to use the application association to change your profiles,

the software does not actually change the profile although it claims to have done so.

Changing the profile manually appears to always work.


Hope this helps.


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