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H40 or H60 CPU Block Thinner?


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I'm planning on installing either an H40 or H60 in an Xbox 360, I need to know which CPU block is thinner. And yes I know they aren't for the Xbox 360, modding will be involved but it can be done. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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I've done some reasearch, and i found out that you need a special water block for the Xbox 360. This waterblock is called "XSPC Xbox 360 CPU/GPU waterblock".


For this to work, you will need to remove the current waterblock on the H60, and transform the tubes into G1/4".






I hope this helps, as i am going to try this myself. If it doesn't work with the H60, you are going to have to fit a water pump, you will have to remove the DVD drive and fit a fan + a radiator in the Xbox, and then have an external dvd drive, or a xk3y.


Good luck! And i'm sorry for my bad english, I'm from Norway.


UPDATE: I actually found out that the H50 and H60 has 1/4 tubes.

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