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I just bought an H80 for my workstation, I used it with original fans, everything was ok for about 3 months, then sometimes when I was about to start the computer it keeps giving me an CPU FAN ERROR, but after a reboot it was looking that’s solved.

Now after one more month it just didn’t start up any more, I started to diagnose the problem so after losing lots of time I thought it would be just the pump or that there isn’t any more liquid in the radiators; but by doing a test now I’m sure that it’s the pump motor:


I approached a magnet to the central device and moved it from side of that while computer was running, after three times doing this, pump start to working again but really noisy this time!

So I don’t know what happened to the pump; It’s really weird; I just tried to contact your guaranty service also but they didn’t reply my email after a week or so!

I can’t just run my system every time with a magnet!! And I’m not sure if it would be any good for my expensive CPU!!

Please help me if there is a solution, or if there is not please help to find how I can use the guaranty of this device to change it?? :/





PS: I'm from France, toulouse

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