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M60 scroll wheel not right fitted, might be faulty


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Hi , I bought my Corsair M60 3 days ago, the mouse is brilliant except for one thing, the scroll wheel. As we know the corsair m60`s scroll wheel doesnt got any left and right click button. The mouse only has a downward click button for scroll wheel


The problem is my m60`s scroll wheel feels like its not right fitted because the scroll wheel can be moved a little left and right, its like a bit loose there.


In game, i used to move around the mouse fast left and right and the scroll wheel happens to shake left and right as well which results in producing "click - click" sound (aluminium hitting plastic), it is really annoying


Its like scroll wheel holder doesnt hold the wheel tight left and right. i dont know whether if its only me or any other user of m60 having this problem, and i dont know either if this is a faulty mouse


if im holding the mouse and shake it left and right, i can loudly hear the clicky metal sound like a loose screw.


my question is, does anyone has this problem too or maybe corsair mouse is made like this? i want to RMA the mouse

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No, it's not normal. I just got my M60 today (too bad it's not working, read my other topic).


But I read about the scroll wheel being lose. It doesn't happen to often, but you're certainly not the only one.


My scroll wheel stays in place, and no matter how much I shake my mouse, it's not moving.


Unfortunately, you have a faulty mouse. Send it back and get a new one (waranty should cover that right?)


Sorry to hear that, but at least yours is working, haha.

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