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Hi, I have a couple of simpleton questions that I can't seem to find answers for...hopefully somebody can help me.


I bought a H80 cooler for my 3930 Intel CPU and X79 ASus motherboard.


1. Does the plastic cover on the bottom of the cooler (not on the bracket) stay on when I mount it?

2. What is the best power source to use - the big one or the one that plugs into the motherboard( if that one; where should it plug in/)

3. When you power on the box, do both fans start or do they wait until the CPU starts getting hot?

4. What plugs into the single slot on the side of the cooler - if it is a control port where does it connect too?



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Answers for you.


1. You must remove the clear plastic cover from the bottom, only there to protect the thermal paste.


2. The ONLY power source is "the big one", or molex connector. The small one should be connected to your mother boards CPU fan connection, and is used only to monitor the pump speed.


3. The fans should spin as soon as the PC is turned on. The CPU will get hot immediately, and would shut off from over-heating in under a minute if it was not cooled.


4. That is the connection for the optional Corsair Link, an accessory for monitoring and controlling fans and temps in a PC.

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