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H100 Noise Going Away After Several Days??


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I installed an H100 from a more recent batch than the ones I'd seen problems reported with (lot 11529403) and hoped that the trouble might have been fixed in later batches. No such luck! The pump began chattering on first power-up and kept on without letting up. Tapping the lines or pump would get it to stop for a couple of seconds, but it started right back again. Running the system w/ the case on its side for a few hours didn't fix it, either.


Now, after 4 days, the noise has started to go away on its own. I can run the system for an hour or two without the noise... but if I tap on the lines or pump it does come back.


Is this thing clearing itself up?


Has anybody else experienced this??


And... the most important question (which I'd dearly love to get input on, from someone with Corsair) is whether whatever has been causing the noise, has also been doing damage.


Has it been determined what is causing the noise?

Is it something that could damage the pump internals (such as impeller running out of true, or cavitation?)


I've put in for an RMA, but if the problem goes away on its own... AND if it hasn't damaged the unit in the meantime.... it would be a lot less trouble to just leave it installed.


Ram Guy, if you're checking this thread, it would be great to get input from Corsair on this issue.


(I, for one, am not going to try to "fix" it with a voltage hack... especially if I don't know what the underlying problem really is.)

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It's air bubbles, not doing damage.


Thanks for your reply. I'm hoping that is indeed correct, as it would be much easier to just keep the unit installed, and not have to bother with an RMA.


Currently, after 5 days of operation, the noise is gone most of the time. It has occurred on boot up, 1 or 2 times, but tapping on the lines has gotten it to stop, and either stay stopped, or if it came back in a bit, tapping it again stopped it until I shutdown the system.


Spoke w/ Corsair tech support today.

The person I spoke with said the problem is well known to Corsair, but the actual cause is still not known. He said none of the returned units that they have opened up showed any signs of internal damage, that the problem is occurring only in a small percentage of the units shipped, and that it often goes away within a week or two.


Since the noise seems to be diminishing in my unit, he suggested that if I wanted to, I could go ahead and request the RMA, but hold off on sending it in, to see whether it clears up. (The RMA will be good for 60 days.)


With most other companies, I would simply go through with the RMA and keep returning units (if necessary) until I got a quiet one. My experience w/ Corsair customer service has been so good, though, that I'm willing to take some time and see how this unit works out. (Although the tech rep said they'd be happy to send an advanced replacement and a prepaid shipping label, it's still easier if I'm able to simply leave the current unit installed.)


Time will tell, on this one. At the moment, as I type this, the unit is quiet (as it should be.)


It was reassuring to hear that no damage has been found by Corsair, in the noisy pumps that have been returned. (As the company is so good about RMAing any problematic products, I have no reason to doubt that information.) My concerns about possible damage to the pump, by whatever is causing the noise, were not completely alleviated by hearing that air is the cause. I don't know anything about the design of this particular pump, but air in pumps can cause damage in some instances. Cavitation (which is essentially air bubbles) is notorious for damaging pump impellers. Also, some pump designs are lubricated internally only by the fluid passing through them. Run dry (with air, rather than fluid inside) long enough, pumps of this sort of design can wear, or even eventually burn out.

Good to hear that Corsair hasn't found any damage or undue wear in any of the units they have inspected.

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Well, it looks like the problem is not "working itself out" after all.


One week after installation, and the noise is now back to being almost constant.

A tap to the lines stops it, but it comes back within a minute or two at the most.


I also have my doubts about the problem being a matter of trapped air. It takes only a quick (and light) tap to one of the lines to stop the noise. I don't think that would be nearly enough input to dislodge trapped air.


I don't know what exactly is causing this issue (and evidently neither does Corsair's tech dept. at the moment) but it looks like it's time to go through w/ the RMA. I'll give it over the weekend, just for the benefit of the doubt, and to see if anything changes again, then back it goes.


My H60 was completely trouble-free. I'm having second thoughts about the "upgrade." So far this is way too much grief for a 6-7 degree C decrease in temperatures.

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