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Corsair Force 3 GT X 4 RAID 0, How to...

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I have ASUS Rampage Extreme IV. motherboard. This motherboard has 2 X2SATA-3 ports only (2 on INTEL controller, 2 on ASMEDIA controller). I would like to build up RAID0 configuration with 4 SSD. How can I do it? Which kind of RAID controller (PCI-E) can handle this configuration? I tried with ADAPTEC 6405e RAID card, but the speed was to low.

Now I use 2 different RAID configuration with 6 pcs Force 3 GT 120GB SSD.

On the Intel controller:

SATA-3 Ports: 2 X Force 3 GT RAID 0

SATA-2 ports: 4 X Force 3 GT RAID 0.

2 X Force3 GT on SATA-3 ports are 25 % faster than 4 X Force 3 GT on SATA-2 ports.

Therefore I need RAID Controller for 4 X Force3 GT which has 4 SATA3 port.


I couldn't find any test or review on the internet.

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you'll want an lsi 9260-4i with fastpath. you will not be throttled with a 4 drive raid0 on that. newegg posts 20% off coupons on LSI raid cards all the time, you just have to wait for it.


Ok, thanks. I'll try it. Do you know any test or review about this card?Fastpath software (key) seems very impressive.

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