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Confused by response to RMA request

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I submitted RMA # 2787246 last week in which I explained that the EPS cable from my HX750 was too short to reach the connector on my motherboard by routing it behind the motherboard so that the cable wouln't show. I just wanted to know if Corsair could send me an extension for the EPS cable like is provided with the 800D case so that I could hide the cable behind the motherboard. When I checked the RMA status, it just said the best thing is to return the HX750 to Corsair(!?). I then called and spoke to Customer Service and explained that I just wanted to know if a cable extension could be sent. The rep said he understood and would forward my request to the appropriate person and also gave me that person's name and phone extension. I also left that person a voice mail explaining what I wanted. Today, I get an email response saying that my RMA is approved and to send the power supply back to Corsair. This doesn't make sense to me. Would a newer replacement power supply have a longer EPS cable? Surely, you don't want me to ship the HX750 from NJ to CA just to add an extension to the cable. Please help clarify the response to my request. Thanks.
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