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1 week old HX1050, slightly burnt smell, working OK.. good or not?


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Hi everyone, i'm just registered..


I have a bit of a problem with my PSU, the situation is the following:


i got a brand new HX1050W a week ago, it ran flawlessly with an i7 920, overclocked to 4ghz, a single hd6970 2gb, 12gb ddr3, a hdd, and a dvd-rw.


No serious heating, no higher rpm of its 14cm fan, no noticeable smell, nothing.



yesterday, i've added another 6970, to crossfire. used the blue additional cables to power it up.


it runs flawlessly, no resets, no instability. BUT:


if the VGA's are stressed thru BOINC (i do Milkyway@home calculations in BOINC system) or just games at maxed graphics, the cover of the PSU gets hot, i would say its between 50-60C, and the worst thing, it smells too.


It had a strong smell when i first powered it up, but that was gone in an hour or so. This smell now reminds me of that, but less intense. You can just sense it. But its there..


I used every power supply calculator on the internet, to see what power does my PC need, and it's somewhere between 750 and 950W.


The PSU is rated at 1050W alone at the +12V rail, it shouldn't be over-stressed. Ambient temp is roughly 20C, not more. The case doesnt have the sidepanel on.


I'm afraid that it will fry, and the whole stuff will just get damaged..

I dont want to RMA if its OK, but can anyone tell me pls, what's going on:confused:


Is it just new, and needs to be "burned in", or it shouldnt have this smell now?



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